Por JoeClark
I have a 360 F1, 45k miles, current clutch installed at 23k (full clutch kit only) before my ownership and showing 35% worn.
I have a CS TCU fitted that was installed correctly by my tech and the car drives beautifully....
If I or the tech check the gearbox input shaft it usually isn’t turning but we’ve also never caught it dragging.
I was questioning him whether this is just an adjustment issue but he suggested that the pressure plates get tired and with 5 years/21k on the clutch it will be reaching the end of it’s life and with even with full TO travel they can struggle to fully open the clutch.
I totally trust him and he definitely isn’t trying to sell me a clutch unnecessarily (he’s always booked for months) but I’ve never heard of this before and it always seems to be friction plate wear signalling no the end.

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